Florida State University Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Science

The goal of this new facility was to bring together the previously distinct departments of Geological Sciences and Oceanography and Meteorology along with their research components including the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Institute, the Antarctic Research Facility, the Center for Ocean and Atmospheric Prediction Studies, and the FSU Coastal & Marine Laboratory, into a modern facility that would serve as a catalyst for enhancement of teaching and research within – and across – many disciplines.

In collaboration with Lewis + Whitlock Architects, this programming and master planning project incorporates academic space in a research-oriented environment designed to foster collaboration and unity in this new department on campus. Campus circulation, green space, infrastructure, and building massing were key components of the review.

The scope of work included skilled facilitation and programming to assess current conditions, determination of efficiencies gained through co-location, development of programmatic and diagrammatic solutions, and building consensus for a shared vision across the disciplines. In addition to classroom utilization, full programming, cost models, site selection and building massing, phasing studies were also included.

The resulting program was divided into two phases (totaling 345,668gsf).

*work prior to forming clark | huesemann

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