We design to make life better.

Design has great power to affect positive change in the use and experience of built environments. We work with clients to discover how they might maximize the use of their facilities to be more effective, and the experience of their environments to be richer and more humane. Our work and the actions we take as a design studio are all shaped by the opportunity to maximize human effectiveness and to improve the happiness, well-being, and satisfaction of everyone who is touched by our work.

Our fresh and energetic approach to planning, research and design is backed by years of experience. We creatively go beyond solving readily apparent problems to seeking, discovering, and realizing unforeseen and exciting opportunities for our clients.

Sustainability is woven into our design process. We’ve been delivering solutions that live up to LEED certification since 2006, and we have the experience and ability to deliver super green, smart, energy-saving designs utilizing common, tested and cost-effective strategies. The studio is a member of the 2030 Challenge delivering energy reduction strategies in all the buildings we design.

We’ll be your partner in this.

We design spaces that enable you to do your work, live your life, and share the experiences you want. Face-to-face communication forms the basis of our interactions. We bring “connective planning,” to the process of design, a type of facilitation that bridges people deep in organizations to each other and enables groups to move in the same direction…a human alchemy of sorts. You’ll experience great service and a high degree of personal attention with intense Principal involvement in every aspect of every project.

You’ll get thoughtful and research-based solutions to your current and evolving facility needs. We perform on-the-ground research and ethnography on every project. This research is a way of looking at the use of environments that reveals truths about how people and organizations function in their current space; and provides insights into how a new or renovated facility might improve the “work” of that group.

Let’s seek the best ideas together.

Clark Huesemann is a company whose Principals represent over 50 years of combined experience planning and designing environments in educational, civic and community settings spanning the country.