Missouri Western State University Master Plan

Missouri Western State University is a comprehensive regional university providing a blend of traditional liberal arts and professional degree programs. The 2015 Campus Master Plan provides direction for physical growth and development of the institution over the next decade. During the analysis phase, nearly every room and space on campus was visited by the master planning team comprised of members from clark | huesemann.

Ethnography was applied to investigating the specific use of computer labs, the library, and how students make their way through campus throughout a day. Parking, traffic, civil engineering, storm water, landscape and signage analysis were included in the scope.

The findings of the analysis phase shaped the planning principles for the master plan. Alternative master plans were created to generate discussion and receive input. Alternatives were presented to the steering committee, at open campus forums, and to organized committees on campus such as the Deans’ Council, student government, and others. Many stakeholders had a hand in shaping the final master plan. Recommendations for implementation and cost information for budgeting supplemented the master plan design.

2015 Master Plan Goals:

  • Address Basic and Urgent Needs
  • Enhance the Educational Experience
  • Strengthen Connections to the Community
  • Develop a Cohesive University Community
  • Build Financial Sustainability
  • Create Pride of Place
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