University of Kansas Master Plan

As a member of the master planning team for the University of Kansas, Clark Huesemann was involved in campus analysis, design and strategy development, and planning in association with Hanbury Evans Wright Vlattas + Company. Clark Huesemann explored the applicability and space impacts of blended learning, flipped classrooms, online content, and the impact of these learning modalities on space needs, environmental conditions, and student outcomes.

Existing facility conditions were analyzed relative to overall deferred maintenance needs, accessibility, safety, technology integration, and energy efficiency. The analysis assisted the University with capital projections for the future. Clark Huesemann led focus group sessions, facilitated meetings and workshops, and developed the following specific scopes of work:

– Campus Accessibility: Evaluating the current approach to ADA compliance and universal accessibility, analyzing campus accessibility, integrating accessibility strategies into the overall campus design development, and prioritizing accessibility improvements.

-The Deferred Maintenance scope: Evaluating the overall deferred maintenance burden, reviewing individual deferred maintenance summaries for each building, and developing evaluation tools and a prioritization methodology for the campus to use in establishing a decision-making process for demolition and/or repairs.

-Campus Storm Safety: Evaluating policies and locations with campus density and projected growth patterns for the campus.

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