University of Kansas Miller + Watkins Hall

Miller Hall and Watkins Hall were the first two scholarship halls on the KU campus, built in 1926 and 1936. This made the upgrades for these student housing renovations historically sensitive; and dated structural configurations demanded a high level of technical finesse.

Each project was a $2M renovation and consisted of full mechanical, electrical, and plumbing system replacements. The project scope included installing a new Variable Refrigerant Flow system, improving fire safety and ADA-related code, and completely renovating restrooms. The abbreviated project schedule for summer construction increased the need for experienced teamwork and expert project management.

Clark Huesemann and Henderson Engineers worked closely with the Department of Student Housing, Facilities Services, and Design and Construction Management to produce a design solution that maximized the benefits of available funds, was sensitive to the historical nature of the buildings, and was completed before the start of Fall Semester.

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