Missouri State University JVIC Expansion

A place for university researchers, corporate partners, and agencies to conduct cutting-edge research and development in a collaborative environment, the existing facility is made up of four connected buildings and totals approximately 75,000 square feet. Bringing together industry and university projects and research, the facilities’ capabilities include nanotechnology, bio-materials, advanced technologies, genomics/ proteomics, bio-systems, software engineering, and medical material device and instrument technologies.

This project is a 3-story addition to the existing complex and will house research space for several tenant labs along with a new main entrance, collaborative café commons, and conference facilities to enhance the potential for collaboration and connect building occupants with others in this urban innovation park.

Positioned on the site to visually and physically connect to the surrounding context, a raised plinth and linear front porch respond to the urban warehouse district vocabulary and create covered outdoor event and workspaces. The building is anchored by flanking existing towers and is designed to bond them together across the south façade.

Design elements utilized to create the new addition parallel the simple components of a scientific device, composed of a base, an arm, lenses, and a housing. These components are expressed in the building’s solid concrete plinth, lifted wood soffit, folded glass façade, and wrapping metal skin.

Connecting purposefully from the north to the south, the new entry lobby provides access to daylight and views for adjacent tenant spaces and serves as a shared amenity for collaboration among all building users. The folded glass façade is patterned with a translucent image inspired by chemical structures to preserve daylight while providing necessary privacy.

The addition creates a dynamic new entry for the complex, effectively reorienting its front, providing connection to the surroundings, creating an enabling work environment, and expressing scientific innovation through artfully composed simple modern materials.

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