Utah Valley University Business School

The entry procession to the building from this side of campus provides an opportunity for the Business Building to be a striking and inviting gateway to the university. The project includes Classrooms, Advising, Placement & a Tutoring Suite. As an open enrollment university, this campus is experiencing high rates of growth, and an increased need to provide academic support services to its students. In addition to planning and design of the business classrooms, faculty support areas, student academic home spaces, and outreach centers, an advising, placement, and tutoring suite was planned to serve the college’s 9,000 students.

Flexible arrangements and the integration of new technologies allow the new classrooms and offices to serve the School as new degree programs and technology continue to evolve. New classrooms are being programmed to support and inspire team-based learning and problem solving. The new planned spaces acknowledge the human side of connectedness between faculty, staff and students.


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